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Important Changes for .sk Domains

December 13, 2017

Please note the following changes and new features for .sk domains due to a provider shift:

  • No additional documents are required. All processes work without any further forms or documents.
  • Trustee service: Registrants from EU, EEC or EEA are eligible to register .sk domains. We offer a trustee service for registrants who do not meet these requirements. The use of the trustee service must be confirmed or rejected manually by the trustee. The usage is automatically accepted if the trustee does not accept or reject the usage manually within 72 hours. If the use of the trustee system is refused by the trustee, the domain in connection with its owner is excluded for the use of the system and placed on the blacklist.
  • Domain registrations and renewals are possible from 1 to 10 years.
  • Domain transfer is without transfer fee. However, .sk domains must be renewed for at least one year upon transfer.
  • Min. 2 and max. 5 name servers must be specified. IPv6 addresses for name servers are supported.
  • DNSSEC and WHOIS privacy are not supported.