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New Telnic Platform as of March 13, 2017

January 11, 2017

Telnic has designed a new Telhosting platform. Until now, Moniker has provided the customers with access to and support for the .tel Community Telhosting system (CTH). From March 13, 2017, Telnic will assume this responsibility and we will no longer need to provide this support service.

Starting February 13, 2017, Telnic will be issuing all existing .tel domain holders with accounts for the new Telhosting platform to allow them sufficient time to prepare their new Telhosting account in advance of the cutover on March 13.

Important: Content will NOT be migrated automatically! Data that resides on the current Telhosting system will not be accessible after March 13. If you wish to extract a copy of your data from the current system, you should run the BACKUP function from your current Telhosting account before this deadline. This will produce an XML file containing all of your data which can be used either as a reference for populating your new account or as a data source for populating an independent and separate 3rd party hosting solution.

The registry will not be offering sub domain functionality in the new Telhosting platform. Should you wish to continue to host your .tel domain on a similar version to the current Telhosting platform which incorporates sub domains, you are required to contact the registry at [email protected] in order to discuss the available options.