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Say Hello to our BRAND NEW Interface!

September 14, 2017

Get to know our BRAND NEW web interface now! We just launched the Open Beta phase and are excited about how you like the new look and functionality. Please log in to check out the new Moniker backbone here.

Our Highlights:

  • We further improved the user experience and did a layout cleanup.
  • The interface makes use of state-of-the art web technology and features known from desktop application experience.
  • We introduce the world's only infinite scrolling domain list that supports pagination!
  • Our new dashboard can be fully customized to your needs, many more widgets to come!
  • We proudly present our new setup wizards for your domains, SSL certs and hosting packages enabling everyone to set up his site within minutes.
  • We implemented industry leading auto completion and smart suggestion technologies.

We are looking forward to your feedback about the new web interface! You can send us suggestions for improvements and comments directly from the web interface using the "Submit feedback" button in the upper right corner. Thank you very much!

Check the new interface!