Domain Products

More than just a top 10 ICANN accredited registrar, Moniker offers a wide menu of enhanced domain name solutions - all focused on getting you the right domain, privacy and security. We treat your domain names like valuable business and personal assets.

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Domain Name Registrations

Moniker is a powerful domain registrar – with both traditional ICANN-accredited registration privileges and a variety of nontraditional tools to help organizations register new domains and acquire previously registered domains. And, most importantly your valuable assets are safe with us. Searching, registering and buying are a few clicks away.

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Domain Transfer

Take advantage of Moniker’s powerful domain management tools. Just transfer your existing domains to Moniker. Each transferred domain gets an additional year of registration. Lock in rates and protect against future increases. Domains can be transferred and renewed for up to 10 years for maximum savings. Use Moniker's easy transfer interface.

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Domain Name WHOIS Privacy

Get peace of mind by protecting your personal information and identify from everyone and anyone on the internet by using domain WHOIS Privacy. That means if you own a domain name – your private information could be floating out there. With Moniker's WHOIS Privacy on your domain, your name, address, phone number and other private information stay that way.

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Domain Name URL & Email Forwarding

E-mail forwarding makes it easy to keep track of multiple e-mail accounts. You can have all your e-mails forwarded to one inbox – regardless of the domain of origin. And URL forwarding redirects incoming traffic from one domain to another. Drive traffic by registering domains in several keywords and forward them to your main site – including typos and misspellings.

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Domain Name Security MaxLock™

Security is critical to the global online economy. Moniker’s Portfolio and Domain MaxLock™ products are designed to keep your account and domains safe and protect - your important online business assets. MaxLock™ is available to protect both single domains and portfolios.


SSL Certificates & Trust Seal

Trust online is essential for any Web site that wants to increase traffic and profits. Use SSL certificates and trust seals to build creditability and increase conversion with visitors. In fact, 85% of online shoppers feel more confident entering personal information when a Web site displays security indicators (Synovate, 2008).

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Backorder and Expired Name Services

Backorder domains for free! Pioneers in the industry, SnapNames monitors expiring and deleted domains every day. We’ll work hard to secure the expired and deleting domains you want as soon as they become available. There’s no risk – you don’t pay unless the domain becomes available.

Web Site Hosting & Email Services

A website is only as good as its host company. Keep your sites up and running with Moniker’s host partner, HostGator©. It’s rock-solid and economical, with easy-to-use web and email hosting, UNLIMITED space and bandwidth, FREE site builder tools and templates - including 24/7/365 technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Domain Name Parking

If you have undeveloped domains that receive direct navigation (type-in) traffic, we can help you earn pay-per-click revenue with no out-of-pocket costs. Moniker’s sister company, NameDrive, offers pioneering domain parking technology that displays highly relevant keyword and PPC ad choices to your direct navigation visitors.

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Web Design by Slamdot

We’ve partnered with Slamdot to bring affordable and effective websites to our valued Moniker clients, through a seamless, personalized experience. With three options to choose from, Slamdot provides a simple solution for getting your business online quickly, in as little as 2 weeks!