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Beer is one of the oldest beverages – dating back to at least 4000 BCE. There are more than 70 styles of this popular beverage. The .beer TLD is perfect for any business involved in making, selling, promoting, or serving beer. This TLD targets e.g. breweries, specialty beer shops, pubs or bars, beer publications, beer events or festivals, and suppliers.

Reasons to Get a .beer

  • .beer offers a recognizable name for content and communications about the world's most popular alcoholic beverage.
  • .beer helps strengthen ties amongst people who enjoy beer and encourages communication regarding types of beer, places to consume beer, as well as information about the beverage itself.
  • .beer helps authors and bloggers to effectively communicate their beer-related articles, opinions and pictures to a wider audience.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements or restrictions on who may register a .beer.