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.hiv is the world's first charitable domain ending and an innovative advertisement space for the end of AIDS. Big brands, media and activists from all around the world already went for a .hiv address as a second, socially conscious entrance door to their website.


The Digital Red Ribbon

  • .hiv is a top-level domain with a single social cause: as digital Red Ribbons, .hiv domains support the global fight against HIV and AIDS. Every person, business or organization, that uses a .hiv web address shows their support to global online users.
  • With .hiv you can give new or existing web content a new dimension and visibility. Just get a domain name and your contribution helps fill a funding pool. Click by click, the visitors of a .hiv website release this money to support access to HIV treatment for those in need, making every visit a good deed!
  • All you have to do is forward visitors from your .hiv domain to your standard homepage. No need to run an extra website. Your content remains the same, only now it has a social surplus.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements or restrictions on who may register a .hiv.