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.uk is the ccTLD for the United Kingdom. Since 2014 registrations can be effected directly under .uk. Before that, was the generally used domain ending. Whether for businesses, charities or individuals, the .uk domain family offers a familiar, trusted domain space for everyone.

Reasons to Get a Domain

  • .uk domains

    .uk represents the trusted, shorter domain for everyone. From start-ups to brands, students and families, this online space offers a shorter domain that puts the emphasis on your name.

  • domains is the original domain for British business online. It is a well known, trusted domain that lends its credibility to every website that uses it.

Special Requirements

To register a .uk domain you must have a valid address located in the United Kingdom (country code of GB, GG, JE or IM). Alternatively you can use our trustee solution. The local presence requirement does not apply to registrations under, and