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New Features
15 Apr 2024 2 min read

New Features Released In April

Team Moniker

Making Moniker the best place for Domain Investors on the web isn’t a one and done job. It’s an ongoing process. And it’s a process that we want our members to know about. That’s why we’re going to routinely share our latest developments, big and small. The majority of these are in fact based on valuable feedback from our customers. Here is what happened in April:

We’ve made it easier to search for new domain names. No matter where you are, just look out for search icon in the navigation bar.

Nameserver Presets

While registering a domain(s), you can now use your saved nameserver preset so you don’t need to enter them each time each time you make a purchase. You can also create new presets whenever needed.

Quicker Domain Transfers

It’s now possible to approve your outgoing domain transfers from the My Domains page and accelerate the transfer process. You can see this under the Status column. But to keep your portfolio protected, this feature is only available to accounts with 2FA enabled.

Improved Domain View with the Auto Renew Status

With our latest update you can see the auto renew status of your domains from the default domain view. You no longer need to click on each domain to see its status. Go to the My Domains page to view this and remember, you can customise this to show multiple different sets of data, whichever ‘Views’ you prefer.Saved Credit Cards

You can now see your saved cards’ expiration dates, so you don’t get caught out. See this on the Saved Cards page.

Password Reset Improvements

Finally, we have made the reset password process a little more intuitive and easy to do.


If there are any features you want to see implemented, whether you think we are missing something important or have an idea you wish a domain platform could do it, let us know.