About Us

Moniker is the place for people who are serious about domains.

Who is Moniker?

Moniker is a domain registrar focused on providing a place for Domain Investors, new and old, to make the most of your portfolio. We constantly ensure we have the tools and features that our customers need to manage large numbers of domains both easily and effectively. We’re home to a community of Domain Investors committed to finding, sharing and championing the best the industry has to offer, giving you the inside scoop on what it takes to thrive here. And you’re welcome to join us.

Our History

Moniker was founded in 2002 as a place for serious Domain Investors to do their work. Over the last twenty years, many industry firsts happened here, including the $1 million domain sale, and then, for good measure, the first $2 million sale.

In 2014, Moniker was acquired by KeyDrive, who then joined the Team Internet Group in 2018. This has allowed us to go from strength to strength by drawing on the abilities of the wider group.

Invest and Grow
Trustworthy Partner

Why Moniker?

Moniker is a Domain Investor focused registrar, and has been for over 20 years. We’ve always been a space made by domain experts for domain experts. We’re all about finding and implementing the innovations that let our users better manage large domain portfolios in an easy and effective way. And with our fresh relaunch, we’re looking to take this even further, by forging new ways for customers like you to become true Domain Insiders, who know more and do more in our exciting industry.

Contact Us

If you need any help, it’s best to get in touch through the support page. It’s the fastest way to get to our expert staff, who are ready to solve any challenges you’re facing.

If you want to talk about anything else, including suggestions on how we can make this a better place for Domain Investors, we’re been keen to hear from you. Email us at [email protected].

Our Address

Moniker Online Services, LLC

1994 East Sunrise Boulevard #223
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
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