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28 May 2024 3 min read

Re-Introducing Moniker in 2024

Team Moniker

Welcome to the new We’ve changed. You just need to look at the bold, new design of our website to see that. But it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint; we’ve also fundamentally changed everything under the surface, with new features and foundations. If it sounds to you like we’ve changed everything, then you’re not wrong.  In this blog, we’d like to explain both how we’ve changed and why. 

If you’d just like to have the executive summary, this video quickly covers it. Then, if you want to know more, keep reading. 

First, a little background. Moniker was founded in 1999 by Monte Cahn as a place for people who saw the pre-pubescent internet as more than a space for hobbyists, but as a place for business, and more importantly, their business. It was a home for early Domain Investors and has remained so through the years. 

Ownership of Moniker changed hands a couple of times before it was acquired by Team Internet (known as Key-Systems then) in 2012. Since then, we’ve acted as custodians of the brand without ever making any real positive changes, with little ambition for the brand other than to act as a secure and familiar home for those who used it. 

Recently, after many internal discussions, we decided that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t good enough to let Moniker sit there, drifting along. Despite the vast changes on the internet over the 25 years that Moniker has existed, one thing is still true: Domain Investors are still central to the domain industry. In a marketplace increasingly designed for those who would only ever want one domain, Domain Investors deserved a platform designed for them. So instead of resting on our laurels, we committed to that. And that didn’t just mean keeping Moniker around, but making it the best version of a Domain Investor focused registrar we could. 

That’s what has brought us to today. To a new Moniker site. One with a dashboard built for Domain Investors, with features that make managing large portfolios of domains easier, faster, and more effective. With security features that will help keep your valuable domains safe. And with pricing structures that reward you for being a Domain Investor. All of which is carried by the same expert, personal support that Moniker has always been known for. 

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished here so far, but we’re not done. Making Moniker into the best place on the internet for you to keep and grow your domain portfolio isn’t a one-and-done effort. We are going to be constantly looking for ways to improve: from simple usability to ways of leveraging your portfolio effectively to make being a domain entrepreneur more profitable. 

 This involves you. Because Moniker is a platform for you. And you can help shape the future through your feedback – both in things you think could work better and things you wish we could do. We’re already implementing our Insiders’ ideas into the live site, and we’ve got many more in the pipeline.  

Yes, Moniker has changed for the better. And you’re invited to be part of it. Welcome.