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gTLD Domain Owner Change as of Dec 1

November 18, 2016

The ICANN Transfer Policy will be amended on December 1, 2016. The new policy will change the process of gTLD Domain Owner Changes in the background. This is relevant for all generic domain extensions and all ICANN registrars; ccTLDs are not affected.

The new ICANN transfer policy authorizes so-called Designated Agents to act on behalf of the old and new domain owner. The Designated Agents are allowed to confirm and perform requested changes and to receive the notifications regarding the transfer lock resulting from the modification. According to chapter 3.A.5. of our Registration Agreement Moniker Online Services, LLC shall be considered as designated agent of the registered name holder.

Therefore, nothing will change for you as Moniker customer regarding the process of a gTLD owner change. However, please note, that an update of the ownership data will result in a 60-days transfer lock (II.C.1.1.3 of the ICANN transfer policy) starting with the point in time the update request has been accepted.