URL & Email Forwarding

Moniker has versatile, intuitive alternatives to the daily email and URL juggling act. The more email addresses you use and the more URLs you deal with, the more you can use forwarding.

Redirect Any Domain

Transparent, seamless URL forwarding provides you with the ability to better manage traffic and optimize your users experience while navigating to domains you manage. You can easily benefit from traffic management solutions that give you greater control over the information served to your target audience.

  • Redirects are seamless and transparent
  • Use for monetization and parking opportunities
  • Streamlines traffic monitoring and analytics

Taming The Email Beast

No matter how many email addresses you’re keeping track of, with Moniker you can corral them easily. Instead of configuring and reconfiguring your email client for multiple accounts, Moniker lets you manage many emails in one space.

  • Set up with just a few clicks and redirects transparently
  • Point all your emails to an existing single email account
  • Create a catch-all (wildcard) address
  • Ad-free with unlimited addresses and domains