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Moniker's New Web Interface Gives Users the App Experience

November 27, 2017Moniker Online Services, LLC has re-invented the user experience of their web interface. The new interface makes use of state-of-the art web technology and features known from desktop application experience. It provides a unique infinite scrolling domain list that supports pagination and a dashboard that can be fully customized to customers' needs.

"Our customers get support from the new setup wizards for domains, SSL certs and hosting packages enabling everyone to set up their site within minutes," said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of Moniker. The redesigned web interface provides numerous new widgets and makes it easy to manage Moniker's products, e. g. using the implemented industry leading auto completion and smart suggestion technologies.
Further, the right-click function opens a menu with the most important functions by clicking on a product or domain within a list. The infinite scrolling feature for domains, contacts and certificates lists allows customers with a huge domain portfolio to scroll through the entire portfolio from the top to the bottom or jump directly to the desired location by selecting the corresponding number of pages.
About Moniker
Moniker is a full-service, ICANN-accredited domain registrar, offering businesses and individuals an array of web services and domain products including registrations, domain privacy, hosting, and SSL certificates. Offering access to over 1,000 TLDs Moniker makes it easy to securely operate and manage your web properties in a single place. Our expert support team assists you with any question concerning the usage of your domains and websites.
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