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Pre-orders for .app possible as of now!

April 17, 2018This new TLD offers a secure name space to showcase your apps to the world. For your .app website to work correctly in browsers, you need to configure HTTPS, i.e. use a SSL certificate for this domain. However, .app domains that do not have a SSL certificate configured may still be used for e-mail services and non-browser based uses such as defensive registrations.

For developers, entrepreneurs & businesses!

Launch schedule & prices

  • Sunrise: Until May 1. For trademark holders with a valid SMD file. First-come, first-served. Price: $20.49 / year.
  • Early Access Program: May 1–8. First-come, first-served. Prices: $20.49 / year PLUS a refundable Early Access Fee of $13,125.00 on day 1, $3,250.00 on day 2, $1,650.00 on day 3, $825.00 on day 4, $165.00 on day 5-7.
  • General Availability: As of May 8. First-come, first-served. Price: $20.49 / year.