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Relaxation of Restrictions for .law and .abogado

October 6, 2016

Changes to Both .law and .abogado Domain Names:

  1. Expanded Eligibility: The registry has expanded the .law & .abogado eligibility policy and will now allow Authorized Legal Institutions (i.e., law firms, law schools, legal regulators such as bar associations, and courts of law), subject to verification, to register a .law or .abogado domain. Further information on eligibility can be found at this page.
  1. Revised Verification Process: So far, applicants for a .law or .abogado domain had to first apply for their desired domain and complete a verification process before the name has been assigned to them. Now the verification process will occur after registration. Under this approach the domain name is provisionally delegated to the registrant.
    The registrant will still be required to complete the information for verification but will no longer have to wait until verification is complete to use the domain name. Applicants that fail the verification process will have their domain withdrawn, therefore it might be useful to wait until verification is confirmed before putting a site live. Verification typically takes around 1-2 business days. Further information on the revised verification process can be found here.