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The top-level domain .top is used by companies from various industries and people from all walks of life to tell their customers, clients, partners, fans and audience that they are offering the best products, services and performance and are on the top of what they do.

.top for $0.59/yr

.top Promotion for New One-year Registrations

This offer only applies to new one-year registrations. This promotion is valid until January 31, 2018. No further discounts available.

Why Choose a .top Domain Extension?

  • Global Popularity

    .top is one of the most bought new gTLDs in the world. Top is a simple English word that nearly everyone understands no matter what language he or she speaks.

  • Chosen by Big Brands

    A lot of big brands have already registered their .top domain.

  • Perfect Meaning

    The upbeat meaning of .top tells people and reminds you to be confident, positive, always to go for the best and reach the top.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements or restrictions on who may register a .top.