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It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense. xyz is used daily, worldwide, as a short, easy to remember phrase. xyz is also composed of three letters, just like other popular extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org, which brings a familiar quality to an innovative extension. We end the alphabet with xyz – we end a domain name the same way.

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.xyz Promotion for New One-year Registrations

This offer only applies to new one-year registrations. This promotion is valid until December 31, 2018. No further discounts available.

Why Choose a .xyz Domain Extension?

  • .xyz domains can be leveraged as business sites, ecommerce sites, product microsites, personal sites or blogs, personalized emails or URL shorteners.
  • .xyz is an international extension, so users across the globe can register a .xyz domain name and connect with their audience.
  • .xyz is ideal for companies that want a shorter version of their URL, are looking to launch promotions and microsites, or simply want to shake up their image.

Special Requirements

There are no special requirements or restrictions on who may register a .xyz.