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Email Hosting

Every hosting package includes the essential tools needed to get your email and web site up and running quickly.

Mail StarterMail ProfessionalMail BusinessMail Business Premium
Mail Space1 GB5 GB10 GB25 GB
Contract period6 months6 months6 months6 months
Accounting period6 months6 months6 months6 months
Price$ 1.99$ 6.99$ 9.49$ 23.99

Maximum flexibility

  • Combine mailspace, webspace and domains individually

    You can distribute your mailspace freely on all your domains listed in your Moniker customer account and order your personal mailspace package separately from webspace!

Support for POP3 and IMAP

  • Use of POP3 maiboxes

    Our mail servers support the transmission protocol POP3 (Post Office Protocol). Set up your email accounts according to your needs. Manage and send your messages via your email client.

  • Support of IMAP accounts

    You can manage your emails comfortably with the IMAP protocol. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows you to receive and manage e-mails that are located in a mailbox on the server.

Manage your domains through the webmail client

  • Check your emails worldwide

    Check your emails anywhere at any time through our Moniker webmail client ( - easy and comfortable. The access to the webmail system is secure and encrypted via SSL. The webmail client offers many useful features such as an address book.

  • Configuration of server-based rules for filtering emails

    The Moniker webmail interface offers the option to configure server-based rules for email filtering. This feature allows you to filter emails directly on the server by means of the address of the sender (or by any other header data). The filter is based on Sieve, a special filtering language. This filter is also effective if you retrieve your emails via an email client.

  • Configuration of mailboxes possible

    Via the webmail interface, you also have the option to configure your mailboxes up to a certain degree. For example, you can create an autoresponder message.

Maximum Security - SPAM and virus protection included

  • Protection against SPAM

    An effective SPAM filter minimizes the numbers of unwanted emails in your mailboxes. You can configure the powerful spam filters individually. There are 4 levels of spam detection available - according to your requirements.

  • Integrated virus protection

    The anti-virus software ClamAV checks your incoming emails for viruses and other malicious programs. Security at the highest level!

  • Protection against unwanted emails

    You can configure server-based rules for filtering emails for webmail system and email client. This feature allows you to filter unwanted emails directly on the server.

Outstanding additional features

  • email forwarding

    Forward your emails to an existing address.

  • Catch-all forwarding

    With this option all e-mails to any address within a domain are collected in the same mailbox. The configuration of a catch-all address can help avoid losing emails due to misspelling.

  • Autoresponder

    You can easily set up an automatic reply e-mail, for example, if you are on vacation and you are not able to check your e-mails directly.

  • Quota Warning - Notification before your mailbox is full

    You will be informed early by e-mail if your mail capacity is at risk to exceed the limit.

Transparency, personal support

  • No hidden extras or costs

    We do not charge setup fees or hide costs. Fees due to increased traffic will be charged per additional GB and are mentioned accordingly.

  • Qualified and friendly support team

    An experienced support team assists you by email and telephone with any questions about your mailspace packages. Our support hotline is still free of charge!