Website Builder

Create your personal or private website within minutes! Customize it with templates, drag-and-drop editing, SEO tools and social media widgets – no technical skills required!

Website Builder Features

  • Quick website setup
    For business or personal websites, you can choose a category for your project and Moniker's website builder will automatically generate a full-fledged website to get you going.
  • Countless design variations
    Choose from more than 600 design templates and customize colors and graphics easily. Change design templates on-the-go without losing content.
  • Simple to use mobile editor
    Choose from over 400 fonts to customize the look and feel of your project. WYSIWYG capability, drag-and-drop functionality, and expert mode for advanced users, editor available on mobile devices.
  • Easy integration of your content
    Upload your own pictures, videos and files or choose content from our integrated library.
  • Hassle-free webpage manager
    Navigate and edit your pages quickly and easily.
  • SEO and more!
    Manage your search engine optimization efforts and integrate tracking code to gain valuable insights.

Basic Website Builder

Pro Website Builder

Pages & Widgets
Pages Maximum 10 Unlimited
(e.g. calendar, picture gallery)
Limited 40+
Webspace 5 GB 25 GB
Mobile Website
Design templates for smartphones No Yes
Reduction of content No Yes
App style homepage No Yes
Unique Facebook Connector
Administration of Facebook pages No Yes
Lotteries and raffles No Yes
Optional back links No Yes
30-day trial No
Billing period Monthly Monthly
Try risk free 30 Days 30 Days
Price / month $ 3.99 $ 8.99